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Henry William Newlands

Photo of Henry William NewlandsTerm of Office: 1902 (February 8) – 1902 (August 15)
Preceded by: James Hamilton Ross
Succeeded by: Frederick Tennyson Congdon (and Acting Commissioner Zachary Taylor Wood)


Born: 1862 (March 19), Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Died: 1954 (August 9), St. Thomas, Ontario


  • Newlands served as Acting Commissioner of Yukon after James Hamilton Ross left the position as a result of becoming Yukon's first Member of Parliament.  He held the position until Zachary Taylor Wood stepped in as Acting Commissioner.
  • He practiced law in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, was an inspector of land titles in the Northwest Territories and a law advisor to the Yukon Executive Council.
  • He served as a judge on the Supreme Count of the Northwest Territories, the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal
  • He was Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan for two terms from 1921 to 1931.