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Andrew Harold Gibson

Photo of Arnold Harold GibsonTerm of Office: 1950 (August 15) – 1951 (October 15)
Preceded by: John Edward Gibben
Succeeded by: Frederick Fraser

Born: 1883, Lanark, Ontario
Died: 1957, Whitehorse, Yukon


  • He served as Northern Affairs Officer in Ottawa and Northwest Territories before being appointed as Commissioner of Yukon.
  • He began the process of moving the capital of Yukon from Dawson City to Whitehorse by having a report prepared on the matter.
  • In 1951 he was informed that the move of the capital would take place and was tasked with informing staff and Yukon Politicians
  • He resigned as Commissioner of Yukon shortly after announcing the move of the capital of Yukon to Whitehorse.