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Charles Constantine

Photo of Charle ConstantineTerm of Office: 1894 (May 26) – 1897 (May 27)
Succeeded by: Thomas Fawcett

Born: 1846 (November 13) Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Died: 1912 (May 5), California


  • He grew up in Stanbridge in Lower Canada (now Quebec)
  • He was appointed deputy sheriff for Manitoba around 1873 and then chief of police.
  • In 1886 he was appointed as an inspector of the North West Mounted Police working out of Banff, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • In 1894 he was chosen to investigate conditions in Yukon due to concerns about large numbers of American miners.
  • After a four week stay in Yukon he recommended a NWMP force be sent to Yukon. 
  • He was appointed head of this force which arrived in 1895.  They set up the first NWMP post in the Territory, Fort Constantine at Forty Mile on the Yukon River.
  • In 1897 he was promoted to superintendent and returned to Regina, Saskatchewan. 
  • In 1905 he was put in charge of constructing a pack trail from Fort St. John, BC to Teslin Lake, Yukon.  Unfortunately the trail construction was abandoned when it was half way complete in 1908.