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Frederick Tennyson Congdon

Term of Office: 1903 (March 4) – 1904 (October 27)Frederick Tennyson Congdon Photo

Preceded by: James Hamilton Ross (and Acting Commissioners Zachary Taylor Wood and Henry William Newlands)

Succeeded by: William Wallace Burns McInnes ( and Acting Commissioner Zachary Taylor Wood)


Born: 1858 (November 16), Annapolis, Nova Scotia

Died: 1932, Ottawa, Ontario


  • He Completed a law degree in Toronto in 1883.
  • He practiced law in Halifax and lectured at Dalhousie Law School.
  • In 1901 he was appointed as Legal Advisor to the Commissioner and Council but resigned shortly after to join a Dawson law firm.
  • He was well received as Commissioner to start, supporting that the Yukon Council become fully elected as well as reforms to the mining act in favor of individual miners.  However this support quickly diminished due to corruption issues and heavy handedness.
  • He resigned as Commissioner in October 1904 to run for Yukon's seat in Parliament but was not successful.
  • He ran again, this time successfully, to be Yukon's Member of Parliament in 1907 but lost his seat in 1911.
  • Following this he moved to Vancouver, British Colombia to practice law.