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George Black

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Term of Office: 1912 (February 1) – 1918 (April 1)
Preceded by: Arthur Wilson
Succeeded by: George Norris Williams

Born: 1873 (April 10), Woodstock, New Brunswick
Died: 1965 (August 23), Vancouver, British Columbia


  • He studied law in Fredericton.
  • He left New Brunswick in 1898 at the age of 26 for the Klondike and staked a claim on Livingston Creek in 1899.
  • After working his claim for 2 years he went to Dawson and practiced law.
  • He served for 3 terms on the Yukon Council.
  • He Married Martha Louise Purdy in 1904.  Martha went on to become the second women elected to the Canadian house of Commons in 1935, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.
  • He fought in World War I along with more than 200 other Yukoners.  During this time he retained the title of Commissioner of Yukon.
  • After World War I he moved to Vancouver and set up a law practice.
  • In 1921 he ran for and was elected as Yukon's Member of Parliament. 
  • He won each subsequent election in Yukon and became Speaker of the House until 1936 when he was unable to run due to poor mental health.  His wife, Martha Black ran instead and was elected.  The following election he had recovered and ran successfully again.  He would go on to serve 2 more subsequent terms.