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George Patton MacKenzie

Photo of George Mackenzie

Term of Office as Gold Commissioner: 1912 (February 1) – 1924

Term of Office as Yukon's Chief Executive Officer: 1918 (April 1) – 1924 (November 16)

Preceded by: George Black

Succeeded by: Percy Reid


Born: 1873, Malagash, Nova Scotia
Died: 1953


  • He founded and was the principle of the first high school in Yukon.
  • He started working in the Gold Commissioner's office in 1904 and was appointed Gold Commissioner in 1912.
  • In 1918, when the positions of Commissioner and Administrator of Yukon were abolished and their responsibilities assigned to the Gold Commissioner George MacKenzie, as Gold Commissioner, became the Chief Executive Officer of Yukon.
  • Shortly after the abolishment of the Commissioner and Administrator the elected Yukon Council was also abolished.  However, under George MacKenzie's tenure, the following year a three person, wholly elected Council was created along with the right to vote for women.
  • In 1922 he successfully negotiated with the United States to bring in liquor to Yukon through Alaska for 'medicinal purposes' during the United States Prohibition.
  • In 1924 he was informed that the Gold Commissioner would have to take on new duties.  He responded by saying that was beyond his capacity and was reassigned as superintendent of Arctic Expeditions.