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Gordon Robertson Cameron

Gordon Robertson CameronTerm of Office: 1962 (May 1) – 1966 (November 7)

Preceded by: Frederick Howard Collins

Succeeded by: James Smith


Born: 1921 (November 12), Nova Scotia
Died: 2010 (August 10)


  • He grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia and developed an early and life long interest in aviation.
  • He moved to Whitehorse to work as an aircraft apprentice engineer for the British-Yukon Navigation Company in 1941, then was a partner and manager of Whitehorse Flying Service starting in 1949 and later opened his own airplane maintenance company.
  • In 1959 he became the second Mayor of Whitehorse.
  • He is one of the founding members of the still extant Midnight Sun Pipe Band of Whitehorse.
  • He was known to be a popular and entertaining public speaker with a good sense of humor.
  • After his time as Commissioner he became president of Canadian Coachways in Edmonton.