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James Hamilton Ross

Picture of Ross James HamiltonTerm of Office: 1901 (March 11) – 1902 (October 16)

Preceded by: William Ogilvie

Succeeded by: Frederick Tennyson Congdon (and Acting Commissioners Henry William Newlands and Zachary Taylor Wood)


Born: 1856 (May 12), London, Ontario (at the time: Canada West)

Died: 1932 (December 14), Victoria, British Columbia


  • He established a ranch with his father and brother near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
  • He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories in 1883 where he became treasurer on the Territorial Executive Council. 
  • He was the first Commissioner to move into the newly built Commissioner's Residence in Dawson.
  • He supported the establishment of a municipal government in Dawson to better facilitate the improvement and building of infrastructure in the city.
  • He successfully lobbied Ottawa for a Yukon Member of Parliament in the Canadian House of Commons.
  • He was a popular Commissioner who had serious personal setbacks during his term including the death of his wife and youngest child when the boat they were on sank after hitting an iceberg in 1901.  He also suffered a paralytic stroke in 1902.
  • Despite having a debilitating stroke he ran for and was elected as Yukon's first Member of Parliament on December 2, 1902, thus ending his term as Commissioner of Yukon.