Commissioner Doug Phillips speaks at the 2011 Commissioner's Tea.


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412 Main Street
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2B7


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a document Authenticated by the Commissioner?

How do I request Honorary Patronage from the Commissioner?

How can I request a Proclamation from the Commissioner?

How should I address the Commissioner in formal settings?

How long is the Commissioner's term?

What is the Commissioner's Levee?

How do I request a Congratulatory Message or birthday/anniversary greetings?

Commissioner in Council - political requests.

How do I get a document Authenticated by the Commissioner?

The Commissioner is frequently called upon to authenticate the signature of a Yukon notary public for official documents. In most cases, this documentation is birth certificates, marriage certificates or adoption paperwork etc. The Commissioner provides this service free of charge.

The role of the Commissioner is not to verify the contents of any of these documents. The Commissioner's role is solely confirms the notary public who has stamped and sealed the documents is in fact a registered Yukon notary. 

How to get your document authenticated;

  • The individual brings paperwork already signed and sealed by a notary public of Justice of the Peace to the Office of the Commissioner.
  • The Commissioner authenticates the signature of the notary or Justice of the Peace in a subsequent document, at which point the authentication document is returned to the individual.


How do I request Honorary Patronage from the Commissioner?


The Commissioner is a patron or honourary member of many Yukon non-profit, community, military and cultural associations, as well as public service organizations, lending them support and recognition for their outstanding contributions to society. Patronage may be granted for a one-time event that the Commissioner attends, or on an ongoing basis.

Patron Organizations 

The Commissioner of Yukon has established the following criteria when considering patronage requests:

  • the organization must have aims and objectives which are aligned with the institutional or personal themes of the Lieutenant Governor;
  • must be well-established with a proven track record;
  • be territorial or regional in scope;
  • must have active programs that are a direct benefit to the community at large and these programs should be implemented on an annual basis;
  • be non-political;
  • be financially responsible; and
  • agree to not use the Commissioner's patronage in direct connection with fundraising campaigns or events

If your organization wishes to request patronage, kindly submit your request by letter with a copy of the attached Request for Patronage. Your letter should be addressed to:

Commissioner of Yukon
412 Main Street
Whitehorse YT, Y1A 2B7

All organizations must re-apply for patronage at the beginning of each new Commissioner's term in office.  Please note that patronage does not guarantee the Commissioner's involvement in, or attendance at, events hosted by organizations.


How do I request a Proclamation from the Commissioner?
A non-statutory Commissioner’s proclamation is usually issued to commemorate a special event (day, week or month), i.e. Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Week. Many proclamations are based on events of national significance. To request a proclamation, a signed letter on letterhead must be submitted by the sponsoring department or organization to the Commissioner requesting the proclamation with the dates and wording they would like used on the proclamation.


Commissioner’s proclamations must be approved by Yukon government and require a decision by Cabinet. This approval process can take up to approximately one month. Advertising methods and costs are the responsibility of the department or organization that is requesting the proclamation.


Sample proclamation  79 KB

How should I address the Commissioner in formal settings?

The full title of the Commissioner is: The Honourable Angélique Bernard, Commissioner of Yukon.

The Commissioner is initially addressed in 2nd person as "Your Honour," and thereafter as "Madam." In the 3rd person, the Commissioner is referred to as "Her Honour" or "The Commissioner."

How long is the Commissioner's appointment?

The Commissioner's appointment is no less than 5 years.

What is the Commissioner's Levee?

The Commissioner of Yukon hosts a Levee on New Year's Day to greet Yukoners and wish them a Happy New Year. This event is open to the public. Commissioner’s Awards or Awards on behalf of the Governor General of Canada might be presented to Yukon residents during the Levee.

How do I request a Congratulatory Message or birthday/anniversary greetings?

Congratulatory messages from the Commissioner of Yukon are for Yukon residents only. Residents of other provinces should contact their provincial Lieutenant Governor for similar services.

The Commissioner sends a congratulatory certificate for 50th (and over) wedding anniversaries and 80th and more (intervals of five) birthdays. His office requires 3 weeks notice.

You can submit your request:

By mail:
Commissioner of Yukon
412 Main Street
Whitehorse Yukon
Y1A 2B7

By email:

By phone: 867-667-5121

You can also request Congratulatory messages from the following dignitaries:

Commissioner in Council - political requests

The position of the Commissioner is apolitical and thus the Commissioner does not get involved in any political activity, intervene in day-to-day issues and decisions made by Yukon government ministries or advocate for groups or individuals seeking to change government policy.

People wanting the Commissioner in Council to act upon their behalf should instead refer their request to the appropriate Yukon Government Ministry. If you have already tried to resolve the problem with the Government directly, you may wish to consult the Office of the Yukon Ombudsman. If you chose to write the Commissioner, His Honour will forward your letter to the appropriate Minister of the Crown for his or her attention and response.

The "Commissioner in Council" appears in many government documents, such as acts of legislation. Legally, it refers to the Commissioner acting on, and with, the advice of the Executive Council or Cabinet. When the Cabinet makes a decision and it has been approved by the Commissioner, it is said to have been made by the Commissioner in Council.