Commissioner Bernard and Stephen Mills.


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412 Main Street
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2B7


Role of the Commissioner

The Commissioner is appointed by the Government of Canada to a role very similar to a provincial lieutenant governor. The Commissioner is Yukon's head of state and generally acts on the advice of elected officials. She is an important figure in the legislature and the Government of Yukon. The Commissioner is responsible for:


  • Ensuring Yukon has a Premier in the case of resignation or death or if the government resigns following a defeat in the legislature or in an election.
  • Ensuring continuity of government and maintaining democratic freedoms. Swearing-in members of legislative assembly.
  • Reading the Speech from the Throne at the opening of each legislative session. Summoning, proroguing, and dissolving the legislature.
  • Providing assent to bills passed by the Legislative Assembly, enabling them to become law.
  • Signing orders-in-council, Commissioner’s warrants, statutory appointments, and dispositions of Commissioner’s lands on the advice from Cabinet.
  • Representing the distinct interests of Yukon’s people by acting as a symbolic head of Yukon, including attending official functions.