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Bravery Award Recipients

This award honours an individual who has performed an outstanding act of bravery. This individual is recognized for responding with great effort, at considerable personal risk in hazardous circumstances, to save or safeguard, or attempt to save or safeguard, the life of one or more persons.

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Recipients are listed alphabetically.





Received Award 



 AYERS, Bertha    January 1, 1994    Whitehorse




 Received Award



 BAIKIE, Margie    June 9, 2007    Dawson City
 BLANCHARD, Kevin    Certificate of Exemplary Action




 Received Award



 CALNAN, Dave    January 9, 2000    Dawson City
 CLAXON, Anna    June 9, 2007    Dawson City
 CORREOS, Benjamin (Posthumous)    July 1, 2008    Whitehorse
 COURBRON, Louis-Paul    January 1, 2008    Whitehorse
 COZENS, Josh    January 1, 1997    Whitehorse
 CRESWELL-HENS, Falina        Certificate of Exemplary Action


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 DEWHURST, Richard    October 29, 2012    Teslin
 DICK, Louise Ann  April 18, 1996  Ross River
 DRAKE, Eloise    July 1, 2006  




 Name    Received Award    Residence
 GAGNON, Kimpton    January 1, 2008    Whitehorse
 GARLAND, Susie    January 1, 1997    Whitehorse
 GERMAINE, Jeremy      


 GONDER, Katrina Marie    January 1, 1998    Watson Lake


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 HAWLEY, Michael    September 5, 1986    Dawson City
 HUME, Kim    June 15, 1985    


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 JANSEN, Lisa    January 1, 1997    Whitehorse
 JAUVIN, Raphael-Roy January 1, 2013 Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 KANE, Ronnie (posthumous)  October 11, 1985  Whitehorse
 KEDDES, Kayne    January 1, 1997    Whitehorse
 KORMENDY, Janice    June 9, 2007    Dawson City





 Received Award



 LEWIS, Jeffrey    May 6, 1988    Whitehorse
 LEWIS, Rob    May 6, 1988    Whitehorse
 LOAN, Dianna    April 18, 1996    Ross River
 LOBLAW, Darren    January 1, 1998    Ross River


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 MACKENZIE, Daniel B.    January 1, 1999    Marsh Lake
 MITCHELL, John (Mitch)    January 9, 2000    Dawson City
 MINET, Lenora    Certificate of Exemplary Action
 MOSES, Benny  


 MOYEN, Ronald    January 1, 2006    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 OULTON, Eddy    January 1, 2004    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 PETTIFOR, Gary    January 9, 2000    Whitehorse
 PHILLIPS, Thane    January 9, 2000    Whitehorse
 PIQUETTE, Luc Gerard (posthumous)  January 1, 1993  Dawson City, YT
 PRESTON, Brendan    July 1, 2008    Whitehorse
 PREVOST, Krista    January 1, 1997    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 ROUSSEAU, Monique (Monty)    January 1, 2001    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 SEMBSMOEN, Ralph    January 1, 1991    Whitehorse
 SIMON, Jimmy      


 SMARCH, Jackie    Certificate of Exemplary Action
 SMITH, Trevor    August 6, 2011    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 THUR, Craig    January 1, 2005    Whitehorse
 TUPPER, Larry    January 1, 2005    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 UNTERSCHUTE, Craig    January 1, 1998    Whitehorse


 Name   Received Award    Residence
 VAN DER LAARS, Karen    December 15, 2006    Whitehorse
 VIGEANT, Gerry    November 25, 1995    Watson Lake


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 WHITE, Ken Sr.    November 25, 1995    Watson Lake