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Outstanding Youth Achievement Award Recipients

The Outstanding Youth Achievement Awards (OYAA) are a means of recognizing youth who are involved in their Yukon communities in constructive and positive ways; bettering themselves, their community and others through their actions. The OYAA's are sponsored by the Government of Yukon Youth Directorate, in partnership with the Commissioner.  

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Recipients are listed alphabetically.



 Name    Received Award    Residence
 BANKS, Travis    January 1, 2014    Whitehorse
 BARTHOLOMEUS, Zack    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 BETTS, Madison    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 BILSKY, Jetta    August 16, 2017    Whitehorse
 BOYD, Elizabeth    August  16, 2017    Whitehorse
 BUTLER, Brandon    August 19, 2016    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 CALEY, Jacob    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 CONNELLAN, Will    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 CUENZA, Sebastian    August 7, 2018    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 DIAKOW, Caitlin    August 19, 2015    Whitehorse
 DUBOIS, Devon    June 11, 2011    Dawson City


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 FAVRON, Nicole    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 FELLERS, Conner    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 FLATHER, Sophia  


 FRANKS, Kahlan    June 11, 2011    Dawson City



 Name    Received Award    Residence
 GARD, Madison    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 GULLISON, Alysha            August 19, 2015    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 HOLMES, Olivia    June 11, 2011    Dawson City


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 JANSSEN, Grace-Anne    August 7, 2018    Whitehorse
 JOHNSON, Monica    September 2016    Whitehorse
 JOHNSTON, Samantha    June 11, 2011    Dawson City


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 KOLPIN, John    June 11, 2011    Dawson City


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 LANCANSTER, Breanna    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 LINDSAY, Cassis    August 7, 2018    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 OLSON, Kalilah    June 11, 2011    Dawson City


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 PARK, CODY    January 1, 2014    Whitehorse
 PROCEE, Asia    June 11, 2011    Dawson City



 Name    Received Award    Residence
 REID, Kwasen    September 2016    Mayo
 ROYALE, Jack    August 16, 2017    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 SCHALL, Vera    January 1, 2014    Marsh Lake
 SCHOLZ, Cassel    August 19, 2015        Whitehorse
 SPARLING, Finley    January 1, 2014    Marsh Lake
 SPARLING, Lizzy    August 7, 2018    Marsh Lake
 STANGE, Jasmin    June 11, 2011    Dawson City


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 TAYLOR, Tiffany    June 11, 2011    Dawson City


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 VERDONK, Caleb    June 11, 2011    Dawson City
 VOWK, Katie    August 16, 2017    Whitehorse


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 WATSON, Gordon Rhys    August 19, 2016    Whitehorse
 WIENBERG, Morgan (Miss)    June 10, 2010    Whitehorse
 WINTER-SINNOTT, Asia    September 2016    Mayo


 Name    Received Award    Residence
 ZALITIS, Nylan    June 11, 2011    Dawson City